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The Hafu Child- An insight to multicultural childhood 

Maria慧 Claridge’s inspiring first children’s book, The Hafu Child, is welcome news for readers interested in gaining a perspective on growing up in a multicultural environment. This is her second published book following her work Hare and Tortoise Have Counselling.

Claridge’s delightful children’s book debut is about a child who is a “Hafu,” a Japanese term denoting a person who has two nationalities. The book follows The Hafu Child, Maria, as she navigates through her school years carrying her Japanese and English heritage on her shoulders. The protagonist grapples with her identity as she searches for the right balance between fitting in with her predominantly white peers while embracing her Japanese heritage that makes her unique. 

Maria Claridge projects a unique version of what it’s like first-hand to feel stuck between  two cultures, with a personal insight of what it is like to feel different amongst peers. She hopes for this book to relate to children on a personal level and identify with mixed race children and aid them embrace their cultures.

Through the love of family and a special friendship we see the character Maria able to express her love for Japan.

The Hafu Child by Maria Claridge is now available on Amazon .UK and .COM

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Paperback edition: £7.95/$10.27

ISBN-13 : 979-8699088065

About the Author

Maria at Primary School

Maria 慧 Claridge is half-English and half-Japanese and was born in Lymington, England. She wrote this book hoping to help children feel not so alone when feeling a bit different. She also wishes to promote Japanese culture and the importance of embracing who you are. 

Maria is currently studying to become a counsellor. She also enjoys working as a yoga teacher, teaching Japanese and as a personal trainer/class instructor (

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  1. An amazingly lovely book for children (and adults) to read.

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