Online Wellbeing

Hi my name is Maria. Welcome to my website. (^o^)/

Fitness: With over 10 years experience as a leading fitness professional I understand that getting the right exercise is vital if you want to see sustainable results. I believe that creating the right movement plays a key role when it comes to helping my clients achieve their goals. I offer a variety of personal training and fitness classes.

Counsellor: Certified Counsellor CPCAB accredited. My approach is Humanistic integrating person centred, gestalt and TA theory. I have had much experience working with a variety of ages with wide ranging issues. From relationship problems to having difficulty with mental health, I am able to work in a way which suits the client.

Life Coaching: I am a certified Life Coach, specialising in wellbeing. What we believe about ourselves is what determines the actions we will take or if we will take any actions at all. I will listen to you and ask questions that let you identify your goals and the potential challenges. I will provide you with tools to discover your inner strengths so you can overcome the obstacles on your way and achieve your goals.

Life Coach based in Lymington

Yoga: Yoga is life, and I believe everyone can benefit from just 5 minutes of stretching daily. Beginner or advanced I have a class and style for you. Children’s yoga and 60+ yoga available too.

Chair Yoga: I wish to make yoga accessible to all levels and ages, so if joints or injuries are a problem, I welcome you to participate in a chair yoga class. Nice easy movements with so many physical and mental benefits.

Author: I am also an author of three books. Counselling for the Hare and Tortoise and The Hafu Child and my latest book This Girl Can (Sometimes). These books address wellbeing and health and are all available to purchase on Amazon. Via my blogs you are welcome to learn more about these books.

COVID-19: Stay Safe, Stay Home, but also Stay Healthy

In light of the recent COVID-19 government advise on social distancing and avoiding social gatherings I have made the tough decision to temporarily stop teaching classes in gyms.

With that decision made I have chosen to take my classes online. Just like a class or session you will be able to see everyone, say hello, practice alongside each other and have a chat after class. Check all my online classes here.

Now is the time to keep your body and mind healthy, so let’s continue our journey online!

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