I started writing poetry this year and have found it helpful putting my thoughts and feelings into words.

Blind-sided by a black cloud falling upon me,
Swallowing me whole, it gives no mercy.
If only there was something you could take
To make it stop – to give that quick escape.
Finding the strength to reach out can be hard;
Desperate to breathe, I don’t want to be scarred.
I know there’s someone who hears my calls
To grant me inner peace and end my falls.
It’s fine if today you just managed to survive,
Now take a deep breath, pause and revive.

It’s o.k.
Do you ever look in the mirror
And ask:Is that really me?
Do you ever have days
You want to be a bird,
fly and be free?
Do you ever feel nervous, on edge when alone?
So anxious and frayed
that you can’t leave your home?
Has your heart felt so heavy
But your mind in full drive?
Have you sat in your car
And silently cried?
On the flip side,
Are there days when no one can bring you down?
You strut not just walk; you swell in your crown.
I just want you to know
Such feelings are all ok
and life goes best when you take it day by day.

Today with a dear friend
I did yoga outside
To work on some nice bends
New asanas I tried.
Feeling warmth from the sun
Felt the energy flow,
Motions fluid and fun
I perfected my crow
Connecting with the breath
Calmness over the mind
Bend the body to the left
The practice wasn’t timed
Setting the intention –
I do believe in me
Friend deserves a mention
I really felt more free

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