Online Classes

All online classes take place on, the chosen two-way video platform for our classes.
Please make sure you are yoga ready and you have accessed the link 5-10 minutes before class starts.
Private classes online with Maria are also available. For more information contact Maria

Keep the body and mind healthy.

Get in touch and start your journey today.


7.30am – Bootcamp 25 minutes (£5)

5.30pm – Bootcamp 30 minutes (£6)


5.15pm – Body Weight Exercises 30 minutes (£5)


7.30am – 10 Minute Mindfulness (£2)

5.30pm – Bootcamp 30 minutes (£20)


7.30am – Bootcamp 30 minutes(£5)

5.15pm – Circuits 25 minutes (£4)


7.30am – Bootcamp 30 minutes(£5)


10am –Home Yoga 45 minutes (£6)

Let’s do something together.

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